Top of the Amazon Charts!!

Well I’m rather excited to report the free version of November Fox (Book 0. Law Of Attraction) hit the number 1 position for its category yesterday, it has slipped a little today but I am hoping to climb back up this week.

Being a musician, playing soccer and working for 5 years on this book, I’ve always wanted to top the charts, in music, in soccer, on Amazon….heck, on any chart! Always striving to climb the ladders. So despite it just being the free Amazon chart and possibly only a fleeting experience, I will saver this moment of achievement as it means the book is underway with its light-spreading mission to find its readers. Yey. Thank you to those of you who downloaded it to make the chart topping possible. 🙂

This is an image of where it is today. Position 2 and 7 USA , and 1 in Australia 🙂

Please download and review if you wish be part of the journey of November Fox taking flight. I’d be ever so grateful.

Love & Gratitude, Esther (E.E. Bertram)

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