The Audiobook is Here!

Wooohooo…It is finally ready. Thanks so much to James Abbott (narration) and Jason at Stakeout Studios London for their outstanding job in producing the audiobook. I love how James has made November Fox from Wales as her singsong accent really captures her inquisitive curious nature, and James plays The Architect superbly! Listening to it makes me think it was always meant to be an audiobook or a game or a movie. One day I hope it is a Netflix series 🙂

Audible is a great platform, I’ve been listening to books with them for years as I am often on the move and I can listen while I drive or clean the house. If it’s your first time with audible you get your first book free, and if you stay with them for 2 billing cycles (which means two more books you can have) they will pay me a bonus! So everyone wins 🙂 So head over and get November Fox the audiobook for free!!! Here are some links.





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