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November Fox Augmented Reality Demo

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Augmented reality will be as practical as it is playful | VentureBeat


So here below is a demo video of how I used Augmented Reality to show another level to the story of November Fox. When you scan the 43 drawings in either the A5 paperback or the larger than A4 hardback 1st edition, you will reveal November Fox’s world as viewed by the narrator, “The Architect.”

Sitting upon Charlie, The Architect’s magic carpet, are three 3D interactive elements you can engage with. You have a retro TV, that shows you scenes from November Fox’s life relevant to the chapter you are reading, an old gramophone, that plays November Fox’s music, and a message in a bottle that leads to other places relevant to the chapter.

Although the story can be read without these added tech elements, I wished to create layers within layers to mirror our own layered consciousness.

There are many perspectives that make up reality, so I wished to use technology to further enhance the range of how to view the story as it unfolds.

When I first started playing with Augmented Reality back in 2011, no-one that I talked to had heard of it. With the Pokémon go game, finally, AR make its presence known to the masses. I find the whole concept of layering organic reality with in-organic extra information fascinating and I feel really excited about the future of AR.

I felt so grateful for the time when I was running the first Kickstarter campaign to launch the 1st edition and Theo the CEO of Limebizz AR Concepts reached out and offered to support my book by hosting and helping with the implementation of the AR. Rens, one of the tech guys there, enabled me to take my AR ideas to the next level when he said he could help make them interactive 3D elements.

So although the tech editions are fun, the November Fox story can stand alone without them. They are simply there to give an added depth, for those who like worlds within worlds.

3 More Reasons to Wonder More About Consciousness

1. Consciousness could be just a number of instincts or memories unfolding in time.

To keep it simple, Gazzaniga writes that consciousness “is the word we use to describe the subjective feeling of a number of instincts and/or memories playing out in time in an organism.” Whatever captures our attention at that moment is what exists in our consciousness. The rest of everything else, from the innumerable autonomic processes keeping our body in homeostasis to the innumerable processes keeping the planet in homeostasis, remains hidden. Via

2. Plants can perceive threats and have extra-sensory perception.

On February 2, 1966, Backster’s secretary purchased him both a rubber plant and a dracaena plant from a store going out of business down the street. Backster ended up working through the night, and in the wee hours of the morning had an idea to attach his dracaena plant to the polygraph to see if anything happened.

He was surprised to see the plant exhibit a jagged and ‘alive’ pattern of electrical activity. Then in a brief, passing moment, the plant showed a similar pattern which would normally appear when a human lies. He took this a step further and decided to threaten the plant’s well-being to see if another reaction took place.

First, he dipped the leaf in coffee to no reaction on the polygraph, then he thought of putting a flame to the leaf. In the same instant the polygraph went wild. Backster stated that no words were spoken, yet by merely thinking about what he was going to do the plant reacted. “It was as though the plant read my mind,” Backster wrote in his book, Primary Perception.

3. The chance of life existing in the Universe could be 1 in 10229  according to physicist Lee Smolin. Is the universe a conscious mind? Philip Goff has some very compelling ideas about it.

A number of scientists and philosophers of science have recently argued that this kind of ‘bottom-up’ picture of the Universe is outdated, and that contemporary physics suggests that in fact we live in a ‘top-down’ – or ‘holist’ – Universe, in which complex wholes are more fundamental than their parts. According to holism, the table in front of you does not derive its existence from the sub-atomic particles that compose it; rather, those sub-atomic particles derive their existence from the table. Ultimately, everything that exists derives its existence from the ultimate complex system: the Universe as a whole.Holism has a somewhat mystical association, in its commitment to a single unified whole being the ultimate reality. But there are strong scientific arguments in its favour. The American philosopher Jonathan Schaffer argues that the phenomenon of quantum entanglement is good evidence for holism. Entangled particles behave as a whole, even if they are separated by such large distances that it is impossible for any kind of signal to travel between them. According to Schaffer, we can make sense of this only if, in general, we are in a Universe in which complex systems are more fundamental than their parts.

If we combine holism with panpsychism, we get cosmopsychism: the view that the Universe is conscious, and that the consciousness of humans and animals is derived not from the consciousness of fundamental particles, but from the consciousness of the Universe itself. This is the view I ultimately defend in Consciousness and Fundamental Reality.




5 Simple Ways To Increase The Vibration of Your Home

It is important to remember whether your a writer, a reader, or neither, our home is our sanctuary and I believe, nurturing ourselves first and foremost is the way we can best give to others. Here are 5 tips to help you raise the frequency of your abode.

1. Indoor Plants

Hanging and potting plants and flowers around your house is a surefire way to raise the vibration around you. Naturally, plants have a calming effect on your energy when you are feeling tense and an invigorating effect when you’re feeling lethargic. They greatly reduce stress and the aesthetic and natural beauty of plants induce happiness and joy.

Relaxation, happiness, and joy are high frequency feelings. Plants and flowers also improve the air quality around you by reducing carbon dioxide levels, increasing humidity, reducing levels of certain pollutants, and reducing airborne dust levels. Breathing cleaner air into your lungs raises the vibration of your cells. Your outside world reflects your inner world, and this includes the molecular makeup of your cellular body. read more at

2. Light

Light is more important than we give it credit for, increase the natural light to your home however you can.

In “The Blue Zones of Happiness,” Dan Buettner wrote about pockets of the world where people live longer, happier, healthier lives: Enclaves that tend to have abundant sunshine, green spaces, an emphasis on fitness and access to whole foods. “Where a person lives determines their level of happiness more than any other factor,” read more at wvgazettemail.com

3. Aromas

We are sentient beings, and smell is a very important sense that effects how we feel. Incense and essentail oils can do wonders to lift our spirits.

To humans, the sense of smell has a direct link to emotions. Who among us has not, at one time or another, had a memory and its associated feelings come rushing at us when catching a whiff of a perfume, theater popcorn or one of thousands of smells that we … Smell works more like a sixth sense sometimes

4. Colours

Some say that every colour has a different mood, for me every colour has a different energy and vibration. If you want more energy in your room, try yellows, oranges and reds. If you’re genrally a little hyper, tone down with blues and purples to find the balance that soothe your soul.

5. Space

If you want to really raise the frequency of your house it’t time to de-clutter, everything contains an energy and the more things you have the more dense the collective room energy you have, try to get rid of anything that doesn’t serve your highest purpose, or has significant use or meaning. We have the world within our hearts and minds, and sometimes we need the space to allow ourselves the luxury of room to spread our souls wings.







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So in summary, our home is our sanctuary and a reflection of what we contain within. Raising the frequency of our home will help raise the frequency of ourself and vice verser. We are beings with 6 senses that all need pleasing if we wish to feel uplifted. To maximise the energetic output of your home, enhance the way it pleases your senses, when it is clean, minimal, colourful, filled with plants, light and pleasant aromas, you will feel energised and content, and if you’re a writer like me, we need to do all we can to keep our surroundings in a state that is most conducive for entering the “flow” state so we can write the best words we can and feel good while we do it.

November Fox Book 1. Audiobook Trailer

I have created a new trailer specifically for the audiobook. I used the first 4 minutes of the story to give a little taste…here it is.


Cover Re-vamp!

So when the audiobook was finished I decided to give the cover a re-vamp and also as I plan on this being a 3-part series, I thought I’d design something that works well as a trio. So this image here of the three covers is what I’m thinking. I know that book 2 is a magic realism romance novel, and book 3 will be a time-travel adventure. I know I am jumping genres a little, but November can’t help it, she’s a Freebird after all and doesn’t really fit in one fixed category.

Here are the drafts of the 3 covers.

Now I just need to finish the content! The countdown is on….



The Audiobook is Here!

Wooohooo…It is finally ready. Thanks so much to James Abbott (narration) and Jason at Stakeout Studios London for their outstanding job in producing the audiobook. I love how James has made November Fox from Wales as her singsong accent really captures her inquisitive curious nature, and James plays The Architect superbly! Listening to it makes me think it was always meant to be an audiobook or a game or a movie. One day I hope it is a Netflix series 🙂

Audible is a great platform, I’ve been listening to books with them for years as I am often on the move and I can listen while I drive or clean the house. If it’s your first time with audible you get your first book free, and if you stay with them for 2 billing cycles (which means two more books you can have) they will pay me a bonus! So everyone wins 🙂 So head over and get November Fox the audiobook for free!!! Here are some links.





Top of the Amazon Charts!!

Well I’m rather excited to report the free version of November Fox (Book 0. Law Of Attraction) hit the number 1 position for its category yesterday, it has slipped a little today but I am hoping to climb back up this week.

Being a musician, playing soccer and working for 5 years on this book, I’ve always wanted to top the charts, in music, in soccer, on Amazon….heck, on any chart! Always striving to climb the ladders. So despite it just being the free Amazon chart and possibly only a fleeting experience, I will saver this moment of achievement as it means the book is underway with its light-spreading mission to find its readers. Yey. Thank you to those of you who downloaded it to make the chart topping possible. 🙂

This is an image of where it is today. Position 2 and 7 USA , and 1 in Australia 🙂

Please download and review if you wish be part of the journey of November Fox taking flight. I’d be ever so grateful.

Love & Gratitude, Esther (E.E. Bertram)

November Fox Now on the iBooks Store!

I’m really excited that November Fox is now available on the iBooks store! 

In this edition of the book, readers can fully immerse themselves in the story because there are embedded videos and audio tracks from November Fox in each chapter, enabling readers to directly view Lucitopia from The Architects perspective.